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Entirely dedicated to its “Chantelle lab” segment, Chantelle’s first pop-up store in Paris, opened its doors from April 8 to July 3, 2022, at 8 rue des Abbesses. To make this exceptional pop-up shine, the painter Faustine Badrichani produced three acrylic works for the interior of the store, depicting a deconstructed female model with a multitude of lines and shapes, going sometimes towards abstraction, sometimes towards a plural woman. One of the paintings is on the facade, the other two on display inside; and all of them represent universal and feminine grace, in which each of us can recognize one or more women in our life. This ephemeral space highlights the brand’s innovations such as the SoftStretch line, which uses ultra-stretch materials; Chantelle One, the first recyclable bra; menstrual panties and many more. The pop-up store presents itself as an inclusive and contemporary place, where the brand wants to reinvent the codes of femininity. Chantelle chose to communicate through a chalk-tag device coupled with a billboard campaign, in order to stand out and expose herself in the Abbesses district to guarantee a strong emergence with the target.


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