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Estee lauder and the brand Le Labo have commissioned ko’leur to initiate an unprecedented speech. Indeed, the often silent brand, concerned about its creative universe, entrusted us with the choice of London districts.

Le Labo perfumes were born in Grasse, France and raised in New York, USA. Le Labo is the abbreviation of “the laboratory” in French. Each of the boutiques functions as an open artisan laboratory and designed as a leisure park for the nose where customers can take the time to smell and touch the raw materials in order to awaken their olfactory system and trigger emotions. Fragrances are hand-blended to order, and each label is personalized with the date and location of formulation as well as a message chosen by the customer. The collection consists of 18 gender-neutral fragrances and 5 soy-based wax candles.


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